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      Fars EOR Tech.  Manufactures and supplies wide ranges of laboratory instruments for petroleum industry for both upstream and 

downstream parts of oil and gas reservoirs. This company is providing laboratory services and training courses for exploration and 

production (E&P) projects. The main services are Routine Core Analysis (RCAL) and Special Core Analysis (SCAL) tests.  Also, our 

team of technical specialists with more than 16 years experiences works closely with clients to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) based  software to resolve the field problems, reduce the risk and uncertainties in a cost-effective manner.


   Generally, our laboratory instruments and services are grouped under several main headings: Routine Core Analysis, Special Core  Analysis, Core Preparation, Pumps, Training Courses  and Software.


   Each equipment provided by Fars EOR Tech. will be accompanied by intensive training program for efficient operation and providing  long term spare parts and maintenance.